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Samantha Letourneau is an Artist and Expressive Arts Facilitator

Here is the official Certificate I received recently for completing the Expressive Arts Program at Salve Regina University… YAY!!   Also, here are some pics of a recent expressive art project. It’s called “Weave of Tapestry.” Students made impressions on three strips of register tape about a yard long; one of their name, another of […]


Hi everybody! School has been going great, and myself and my partner Paul have launched our first exciting expressive art class with…expressive cupcakes!  Sounds fun, right?  Well it was!  People were able to choose from many different colors of cupcakes and frosting, and a whole bunch of candy toppings to creatively express themselves in the […]


Hey everyone, I wanted to announce that I am going to Salve Regina University this Spring and Summer to become an Art Expression Facilitator. I have been doing group art projects for a while now, and it just seemed natural for this adventure to happen. I’ve been collaborating with another Art Expression Facilitator, Jennifer, who […]


Here is some recent art I have made; an eyeball sculpture, “Confidence”, and a representation of bamboo made from razor clam shells. Also, here are some pics of the beginnings of the newest group art project made from water bottles…stay tuned to see what happens with them!


Hi Everyone!  A couple of the group art projects are at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth until February 9th.  Come take a look if you’re in the area.  Here are some pictures from the opening reception.  The first group project, I’ve shown a pic here before, of the Lighthouse.  It was […]


Tomorrow is Christmas! The “elves” and I have been busy making Christmas crafts and gifts, lol! Here are some pics of some Christmas crafts that were made for fundraising. A group of talented individuals and myself made them. We made plaques, ornaments, figurines, dishes, and Christmas cards, to name a few.   Also, Joe and […]

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Flower 2Flower 2

In this painting, I implemented a technique that I learned in college.  It utilizes complimentary colors.  Some examples of complimentary colors are yellow and violet, orange and blue, and red and green.  I chose red and green for this painting.  What I did was layer red values on top of green values, and green on […]

L 1L 15

The Lighthouse Project has recently been completed and will be showcased next year, 2014,  at the Cape Cod Cultural Center.  Thank you to all who participated, it was a fun learning experience for all.  The pics below show the steps that were taken to complete the project, and when it was finished.  The first step […]


Even more exciting things have been happening here with art. The first thing to mention is that the Group Butterfly Artwork made it to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod during the Christmas holiday.   I was very excited to be able to have the work featured at this prominent event.  Below is a picture […]