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Samantha Letourneau
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Welcome! My name is Samantha Letourneau a.k.a. Sam from The Art of Sam. I majored in art and psychology at UMass Boston and also went to The School of The Museum Of Fine Arts. When choosing a career, I went the psychology route for a while, working in the human services field as a B.A. level social worker helping families and children. I would always find a way to incorporate art into what I was doing. The kids would love to draw pictures with me. I’ve also worked in a homeless shelter and an animal shelter, which was humbling and life changing.

The Art Of Sam isn’t just about Sam’s Art. It’s also about sharing, connecting, education, discussing, and  inspiring through art. Feel free to share your work, suggestions, and thoughts here. Talk about art, philosophize, and share your inspirations, dreams, and goals. You don’t have to be an artist to share. You can think outside the box here. Take a load off, laugh. Enjoy The Art Of Sam, subscribe if you’d like, “like” whatever moves you, get into the groove, be yourself.  Ahhh….can you feel the love?